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Energy Bath Bomb - 50mg

Energy Bath Bomb - 50mg

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Our CBD bath bombs are specially formulated to give you a moisturising and relaxing soak, any time of the day, and are now 30% bigger!

Each bath bomb is infused with 50mg of CBD and a combination of oils that will leave your skin feeling nourished and looked after.

Our Blend 

Our Energy Bath bomb combines notes of herbs, citrus, and mint for a refreshing, stimulating scent that resets the senses and gives our body and brain a boost.

This blend of essential oils also helps to reduce tension and anxiety - two notorious drains on our energy levels.

Basil Essential Oil

Often called the oil of renewal, basil has a strong, fresh, and herby aroma that is said to relax the mind and alleviate fatigue. Basil oil is also used to calm nerves and ease anxiety.

It was traditionally used to relieve gastric distress, and many people still find that rubbing diluted basil oil on the lower abdomen can help manage discomfort.

Lemon Essential Oil 

The sharp, zesty scent of lemon is known to be uplifting and energising. The oil can provide a boost of positivity and motivation that sees us through a long day.

Orange (Sweet) Essential Oil

Sweet orange has a sweet, tangy scent that helps to prevent fatigue. It has also been shown to improve athletic performance.

Spearmint Essential Oil 

The clean, fresh scent of spearmint oil has a refreshing effect on the mind and is said to be effective for preventing fatigue and improving exercise performance. Spearmint oil can also relieve stress and tension.

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